There are an unusually high percentage of children with Type 1 Diabetes both in Sweden and Seattle, possibly due to the Scandinavian ancestry. On both sides of the Atlantic, companies, research institutions, and universities are working on solutions for diabetics. To inform of new developments in treatment the Seattle-Sweden Diabetes Awareness Day have been arranged. View the program from the 4th Seattle Sweden Diabetes Awareness Day.

To support the research conducted in both Seattle and Sweden, part of the proceeds of the Seattle Nobel Tribute will be donated to universities

During Sweden Week we offer a Type 1 Diabetes Symposium at Benaroya (name and address) to inform about diabetes and new treatments during Sweden Week.

View the program for print as pdf

Seattle-Sweden Type 1 Diabetes Day

May 4, 2010

As part of Seattle-Sweden week, as Seattle goes Swedish, we organize a scientific symposium focusing on T1D research and the major collaborations that we enjoy between Seattle and Sweden in T1D research. In addition to presenting new data each presenter will discuss problems in their area of research. Each talk will be followed by ample time for questions and discussion. The symposium is open to everyone in the greater Seattle scientific community.

8:15-8:40    Coffee/Tea

8:40-8:45    Welcome
  • Jerry Palmer, MD, Professor of Medicine and Director, Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center, University of Washington

8:45-9:15    Can We Rely on Results of Clinical Trials?
  • Johnny Ludvigsson, MD, PhD Professor of Pediatrics, Linköping University

9:15-9:45    Practical Prediction of Type 1 Diabetes in the General Population
  • William Hagopian, MD, Scientific Director, Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute

9:45-10:15    Pitfalls in Measuring the Beta Cell in Clinical Trials
  • Carla Greenbaum, MD, Director, Diabetes Research Programs, Benaroya Research Institute

10:15-10:45    GAD65Ab-Specific Anti-idiotypic Antibodies:
                      Potential Markers for C-peptide Levels?

  • Chris Hampe, PhD, Research Associate Professor, Medicine, University of Washington

10:45-11:00    Coffee Break

11:00-11:30    Next-Generation Strategies
                     for Profiling Autoreactive T-cells in Type 1 Diabetes
  • Gerald T. Nepom, MD, PhD, Director, Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason

11:30-12:00    T-cells from Diabetes Patients Respond to Islet Proteins.
                     What Does it Mean?
  • Barbara Brooks-Worrell, PhD, Research Scientist, University of Washington

12:00-12:30  Problems with Interpretation of T-cell Studies in Type 1 Diabetes
  • Rosaura Casas, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatric Immunology, Linköping University

How to Participate:

Please send an e-mail to Meron Rezene at meronr [at] (write Diabetes Symposium in Subject line) or call 206-764-2688.

A special thank you to: Diamyd, Novo Nordisk, SWEA, Stellar, Benaroya Research Institute, Linköping University, and Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center.